Dr. Robin Johnson is committed to empowering you.  She is active in educational endeavors that enhance the effectiveness of talented multicultural executives.  Dr. Robin also helps organizations enhance their retention of multicultural talent using inclusive human resource practices. Dr. Robin Johnson is particularly skilled at creating and structuring learning experiences - breaking them into digestible, doable, practical modules that make the learning experience informative and inspiring.  Life school like you always wanted it. Fun! Easy! Done!



Dr. Robin Johnson teaches regularly in the UCLA-Anderson School Leadership Institutes,the NAMIC Executive Programs (Executive Leadership Development Program, Leadership Seminar, and Multicultural Teams programs), Head Start Leaders Programs, and Health Care Executive Programs.  She also teaches Executive MBAs, and corporate executives through Ozyegin University in Istanbul, Turkey.  She is a former Management-Organizational Behavior faculty member (Darden-UVA, UCLA-Anderson, and Cal Poly Pomona).  She also designs and delivers Leadership, Multicultural Teams, Multicultural-Diversity, Genderspeak, Generations, and Career Management workshops to a wide range of corporate and non-profit clients.


Dr. Robin has written books and developed educational materials used by leaders worldwide.  Her books include DANCE OF LEADERSHIP, CAREER BY DESIGN, EMPOWERING LEADERSHIP, MULTICULTURAL TEAMS and ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR: A MULTICULTURAL APPROACH (with Carlos Gonzales, Ph.D.).  She also has audio  versions of those books plus an introduction to the MBTI, and ASK Negotiation Strategies for Women and Multicultural Managers.  In her teams programs she uses a multicultural team video case produced in collaboration with Sunshower Learning called the GAMMA PROJECT TEAM.


Dr. Johnson is an engaging, energetic speaker.  Her DANCE OF LEADERSHIP keynote includes powerful experiential demonstrations of the power and pitfalls of various leadership styles.  She is also does GENDERSPEAK, 21ST CENTURY TEAMS, and INTERCULTURAL TRUST keynotes.


Dr. Robin Johnson is a Harvard Business School trained Ph.D. who wrote an award-winning dissertation on diversity, work-life balance and empowerment.  She has been an executive educator, coach, and author in leadership development for many years.  She works with individuals, corporate managers and team leaders, non-profit directors-managers, and entrepreneurs. Prior to attending graduate school and becoming an academic, Dr. Johnson was an international finance professional and manager for 10 years with Chase Bank, McDonald’s Corporation, and Lloyds Merchant Bank in London.  As part of her work-life balance Dr. Robin is also a dancer, the developer of Cardio-Tribal Belly Dance, the director-choreographer of Zaltana, and a founding member of the Desert Belly Dance Collective in Palm Desert, CA.


Know thyself! 

Both the Birkman Method and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator are powerful, widely-used personality assessment tools that help you know yourself better.  Satisfaction and effectiveness in life and work are highly correlated with being your authentic self while doing what you love and what you do well.  Both the Birkman and MBTI tools give deep practical insight into who you are and what you want. They also have the added advantage of helping you know others – often reducing interpersonal and team conflict by shedding the light of understanding on personality style differences.

The Birkman Method.The Birkman Method gives insight into your Motivating Interests, Leadership-Organizational Style, Relationship Strengths-Needs-Stressors, and Career Interests.  One of the most powerful insights from the Birkman is that what you do is not necessarily what you really want.  The Birkman gives specific information about which aspects of your behavior are in alignment with what you want, and which are not.  Moreover, many people are dissatisfied because the psychological contract has been broken with their employers.  The Birkman Method helps you identify your strengths, so you can responsibly negotiate to get your core needs met at work.  There is also a Birkman 360 Feedback tool. 

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  The MBTI provides insight into your thinking style, communications approaches, and personality development pattern.  There is abundant research associated with the MBTI for harmonizing interpersonal relationships, making team dynamics more effective, managing diversity-multiculturalism, and attaining career satisfaction.

Lominger VOICES 360.  Lominger Voices 360 organizes feedback from yourself, boss, direct reports, peers, clients and mentors into research-based competencies that provide normative guidance about your strengths, weaknesses, organizational culture expectations, career stoppers and career stallers. The competencies correlate with promotion, organizational effectiveness, learning, emotional intelligence and competitive edge. 

Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP).  The CDP differs from many conflict management tools available today because of its focus on behaviors rather than style.  The CDP differentiates behaviors that increase collaboration from behaviors that tend to escalate conflict.  The CDP also separates active behaviors from passive behaviors, and pays attention to the dynamics of conflict - what you do before, during, and after a conflict.  Understanding the timing of your behaviors helps you refine your conflict management skills.  There is also a section on Hot Buttons with associated 'cooling strategies' for dealing with people and situations you find most annoying.  CDP works particularly well in team and multicultural-cultural conflict resolution. The CDP can be done as a 360 or as an individual assessment. Whichever instrument you use - the individual or the 360 - we work together through the actions you can take to move from conflict to collaboration. 

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS).  These tools help you assess individual, team, and organizational intercultural competence.  Using an assessment based on the theory, reserch and insights of Drs. Hammer, Bennet and Wiseman, you can determine where you are along a continuum that at one end denies the significance of culture, moves towards polarizing cultural aspects of life, then to minimizing differences while over focusing on similarities, towards acknowleging-accepting differences as powerful ways people make sense of their social world, to adapting to cultural context.

Denison Leadership and Organizational Diagnostics.  Denison's diagnostic surveys are research-based tools that assess and help you improve your leadership within your given corporate culture.  Denison links Organizational Culture and Leadership to bottom-line performance measures such as RoI, RoA, Sales Growth, Quality and Employee Satisfaction.  The Denison Model addresses Mission, Consistency in Processes, Involvement, and Adapability.  The Leadership Development Survey benchmarks your leadership and management skills to those organizational performance metrics.  The survey is user-friendly.  We work together to help you align your leadership skills to the needs of your organization, diagnose strengths and weaknesses, build accountability into your development process, and work on actions that help you reach your goal of leading a high-performing team, department, or organization.

360 Feedback.  All 360 assessments require a significant time investment for you and the people who provide feedback.  In our first conversation we strategize the best ways to ask for feedback, the people to ask who are most likely to give you useful feedback, and how to craft a request for feedback appreciating the time commitment they are making to your professional growth. When we debrief your I help you focus on what is most important.  I also help you decode your feedback with the understanding that there might be perceptual and cultural bias in the feedback.  You then prioritize your action plans based on what is best for you.  Doing a 360 Feedback Assessment with me as your independent coach captures the value of quality information about job-related skills without risk that any perceived weaknesses will become part of your permanent work record.  Throughout the process you are in charge.  You decide who to ask. You decide what is most important.  You decide whether or not to change any of your behaviors.


Dr. Robin spent over a decade doing what she did well, but did not love.  In her 30's she changed careers.  In the process she learned how to pay attention to motivating interests, skills, and values in order to have a career by design, rather than a career by default. The Career by Design workbook and workshop came out of the Career Management course she developed at UCLA-Anderson for MBAs and executives who found themselves in similar situations -
Successful, but doing work they do not love,
Stressed because the work did not provide enough energy to sustain them,
Dissatisfied under the veneer of success, and
Scared to let go of the status, approval, and financial security associated with their current career. 

Many times our careers satisfaction and effectiveness can be greatly improved with a tweak - relatively small shifts in attention towards what you love and do well, and delegating away what you do well but do not enjoy doing.  The potential for enriching your current job experience is incredible with the Career by Design system.  So whether you want to discover what you love to do, want to switch careers, or want to enhance your current career by enriching your job, Dr. Robin's career by design workshop, workbook, and coaching will help you.  In all cases you will identify and map your interests, skills, values; and write your personal mission, contribution and legacy statements. It is one of the most powerful processes Dr. Robin uses in her coaching practice.



I dance… And the world dissolves into the wholeness it always was!

Dr. Robin is the choreographer and troupe leader of Zaltana and the developer of Cardio-Tribal Belly Dance fitness routines. If you live in the Palm Springs, CA area, come take a class or see Zaltana do its unique version of ethnic dance.  Dr. Robin is also a certified Zumba Gold instructor, encouraging people of all ages to get moving by teaching dance and Zumba at local colleges, in the community, and at hospitals.



After years of graduate school Dr. Robin realized that the models of leadership that surround us needed to be more inclusive demographically and stylistically.  When teaching Leadership at the Darden School – Dr. Robin and her colleague Alec Horniman developed a course called Leadership Lessons from Life and Literature.  She continued that work and the result is DANCE OF LEADERSHIP.  It is now a book, interactive workshop, keynote, and video program that will really move you. With Dance of Leadership you will define and express your unique leadership style using a multicultural, research-based approach to leadership style development.



Work life harmony requires us to consider that all the aspects of our lives are interconnected. What happens in our relationships affects our professional-career life and our health.  What is going on with our bodies, affects our interactions with our friends.  Money issues can make it difficult to work out relationship challenges, or to have fun and relax.  Work-Life harmony and integration sessions start with your subjective satisfaction rating for 12 areas of life we must all manage – Health, Body, Friends, Family, Personal Growth, Spirituality, Rest & Relaxation, Career, Significant Others, Finances, Home, and Environment.  We then discuss what complete satisfaction would be for you – and you work with Dr. Robin to explore actions to help you attain greater, harmonized satisfaction in all 12 areas. 



Dr. Robin's clients are signing up for change.  And with all change comes resistance – sometimes from others, sometimes from within. The Work of Byron Katie is a powerful process for helping your chart your own belief map that may be blocking your growth, contributing to the resistance from others, and affecting your decisions-behavior in your life.  We can not change others – but we can change our minds.  We do it all the time when it suits us.  The Work guides you to change your thoughts and change your life so that you thrive.  Dr. Robin helps you identify and modify disempowering beliefs and strategize ways you might deal with your own resistance to desired change.  You are welcome to watch Katie do the work with others on a variety of topics before deciding whether you would like to do the work one-on-one with Dr. Robin.

To make an appointment for a conversation, or book Dr. Johnson email Robin@DrRobinJohnson.com.